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Sutures for your clinic

SutureOnline.com offers sutures and accessories to the clinic at the best price. Here you will find Ethicon's full suture range together with hand-picked sutures from selected manufacturers such as SMI, Vitrex, B.Braun, Covidien and Resorba.

Buy sutures online

All our sutures and accessories are listed in the web shop where you can also directly see the price. Placing an order is easy and no login or pre-registration is required. If you do not find the suture you are looking for, please contact us. 

Different sutures

There are many different types of sutures and suture kits with several kinds of suture thread and needle. We have a comprehensive range of both resorbable and non-resorbable sutures, which means that you should always find the right suture for your needs.

What are sutures?

Sutures are the closing threads used to bind toghether body tissue, usually skin, blood vessels or internal organs. Suturing may be needed, for example, in the event of emergencies or other kinds of surgery. For suturing, almost exclusively, sterile-packaged suture kits are used where the needle and thread are permanently mounted. 

What different types of sutures are there?

Mainly, sutures are divided into the categories; absorbable and non-abssorbable. Absorbable sutures dissolve in the tissues of the body. The time this takes depends on the composition of the thread and can vary from a few days to over a year. Absorbable sutures are naturally used for internal suturing.

Non-absorbable sutures are mainly used externally, such as in the skin. These sutures are removed when they no longer fulfill any function in the healing process.


There are a number of different techniques for the actual process of suturing to join wound surfaces. These depend on the nature of the wound, surgery and the suture and needle used. Especially with skin suturing, it is important to evenly suture the wound edges to achieve a beautiful skin closure.

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